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Life is sacred. And so is everything in it. That includes your bank account. 

I help people who feel broken on the inside, create an income and life they love. 

It wasn't that long ago that I was struggling to get by. No matter what I tried - clearing my chakras, wearing pendants to attract wealth, yoga, prayer, meditation, affirmations, manifesting, law of attraction - the money didn't come. 

Well, it came, but it was out the door faster than I could say, "Waaaait!!"

I was left swimming in debt for decades. 

My mind knew to save more than I spend, to earn an income that kept me stable, but my body - my subconscious - behaved differently. 

Flash forward to today, and I am not worried about money. I trust that it will come as I need it. And I spend without worrying. Debt-free for 5+ years, and building assets to make my own legacy, I now mentor others to do the same. 

It wasn't always this easy. I learned the hard way why all the tools I did weren't working. And you can, too - the easy way.

It doesn't matter how much money you have or you earn - these patterns can stop from the core, so you can build a dream life for yourself and your family.

I'm here to help speed up the process for you - so you can get back to a life you love. With peaceful abundance. 

"San Francisco-based pop star makes her indie debut with a hauntingly beautiful album"

Linda Shine, Music1 Magazine

"Bree Hamilton is one of the scene's Breakthrough stars in San Francisco music industry"

Tim Chazier, Art-Today

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